Incentive information

The Serve Up Savings program offers financial incentives for a variety of efficiency upgrades in the following areas:


High-efficiency lighting not only drives down energy costs, it also improves the appearance of your restaurant.


Whether you’re replacing a roof-top unit (RTU), optimizing it or adding a variable-speed drive (VSD), energy-efficient HVAC upgrades improve comfort throughout your space.


Popular options for maximizing the efficiency of your walk-in cooler or freezer include upgrading motors, adding controls to reduce defrost cycles and repairing doors.

Food service

We offer incentives for commercial food service equipment that will significantly reduce your energy use while optimizing performance.

Cash in on Serve Up Savings incentives

To help cover the upfront costs of high-efficiency upgrades, we offer incentives for a variety of energy-saving solutions relating to refrigeration, lighting, HVAC and food service equipment. The process of receiving incentives is quick and simple.

Step 1 – Schedule

  • Contact an account manager in your area to schedule a no-cost energy assessment.
  • Review energy efficiency opportunities with your account manager in a personalized Energy Savings Report.

Step 2 – Collaborate

  • Work with your account manager to choose your own contractor and supplier.
  • When the project is complete, your account manager will gather and submit all necessary forms and paperwork for you to receive incentives.

Step 3 – Save

  • As your energy use begins to fall, you’ll enjoy a lower monthly bill.
  • Consult your account manager for more energy-saving opportunities.